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    1. Server Rules
    2. This server is geared toward adults and families. Children are allowed and encouraged to join but must have an active adult family member on the server. Active is defined as on for at least a couple of hours per week.
    3. Parents, you are responsible for the behavior of your children on the server, and in discord. Younger players, especially newer younger players, must play near their family.
    4. No Griefing: Griefing is the action of destroying someone else’s things. It includes but is not limited to:
      1. Removing or adding blocks to a build
      2. Flooding with lava or water
    5. No Stealing: Do not take items that do not belong to you. This includes but is not limited to
      1. Harvesting someone’s private farm
      2. Killing animals on someone’s lot or taking them from their lot
      3. Taking items from someone’s chests or lot
    6. Do no exploit glitches such as (but not limited to) duplication/infinite items
    7. There is no PVP outside designated areas. This includes things like luring mobs to kill players, player traps, intentional drowning/suffocation, tricking players into harming themselves, etc
    8. No making rude or vulgar builds, signs, etc.
    9. No inappropriate IGNs (usernames) or skins
    10. No inappropriate IGNs. (usernames)
    11. Be respectful to players and staff


    1. Chat and Discord Rules
    2. No Rude or vulgar language
      1. Do not swear in chat or discord
      2. Do not post links to inappropriate content
      3. Do not harass or disrespect other players
    3. Do not advertise other realms or servers
    4. Do not spam any channels
      1. Spam is repeating a similar or same message repeatedly in a short amount of time
      2. Do not post gibberish or nonsense
    5. Do not continuously beg for things. (e.g. Items, Money, etc.)
    6. Do not blast audio into voice channels
    7. Do not ask for personal information or share personal information
      1. Do not give last names, schools, cities, emails, phone numbers etc. Do not give anything that can be used to identify someone or yourself.
      2. Build Rules
    8. Do not build bases on the spawn island. Spawn island is the community hub where shops and other community centered things are held.
    9. Do not build vulgar or offensive items/symbols
    10. Redstone builds must have an on/off and must not cause excessive lag.
    11. Do not build within sight line of another player unless there is a mutual agreement


    1. Reporting Violations

    If someone is violating the rules you may let us know via in-game message or message the admins on discord. If you are submitting something via discord, please try to provide a screenshot of the infraction.


    1. Consequences

    We try to be fair and understanding.. In most situations, there will be one or more verbal warnings in public and/or private messages.

    If you or your child experiences any of these consequences, you can contact any staff member in game via private chat or on discord via private message

    1. Mute: This Is generally reserved for chat/discord violations. This prevents players from speaking or chatting in channels.
    2. Ban: players who repeatedly make poor choices will be temporarily unable to access the server. The timeframe is at the discretion of the admin. It is possible some players will remain banned until their parents can be contacted to help us help the player better understands the rules.
    3. Removal from server: players are removed from the whitelist. This is used for players who are continually destructive or show signs that they are not ready to participate in a multiplayer server.

    This is not an extensive list of the rules and behaviors expected of FNSMP players. If an admin asks you to stop a certain behavior, you are expected to respect their request.


    1. Mods Used
    • One Player Sleep
    • Foxy’s Mini-block
    • Foxy’s Mob Heads
    • Foxy’s Armor Stands
    • Foxy’s Player Head (for designated pvp areas only)
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